Drunken Jalapenos Salsa

In 1571 the Aztecs of Tenochtitlan were observed mixing tomatoes, chiles and ground squash seeds by Alonso de 

Molina, a Spanish priest and missionary.  They used this "mixture" as a condiment for their meats.

The Aztecs were also known as the "Mexica" people. Tenochtitlan is the modern day "Mexico City."

Alonso de Molina called the mixture "Salsa."   

Our logo consists of a jalapeno walking through the desert, holding a margarita, tipping a sombrero, and smiling to everyone.  The jalapeno's name is "DJ el Guapo," or DJ the Handsome," and he is our mascot.  The name "DJ" is American; "el Guapo" is Spanish.  The "tilde" over the "n" in jalapeno has been omitted, giving it an American touch.  The margarita and sombrero have Hispanic origins.  The cactus represents the shared desert landscape of Arizona and Mexico. 

The logo as a whole represents the fusion of American and Hispanic cultures together in Arizona.  It honors the origins of salsa from Aztec culture.  It represents the perfect salsa recipe to share with the world, Drunken Jalapenos Salsa!